HS2 promises new growth for region says regeneration boss

THE HS2 project will help bring valuable jobs to the region, according to James Newman, chairman of the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

Mr Newman said: “We're after developing sustainable jobs in high value industries, which high speed rail will enable those people to come here and visit here, work here, live here much more easily than they perhaps might have done in the past.

HS2 will clearly bring more people into the region that might not have been prepared to travel here before. Our role in life is to try and create some more high value jobs

“It will regenerate a number of parts of the city region in terms of creating new jobs, it’ll bring new industry into the region. Clearly the creation of a station and a line will inevitably create some construction jobs in the short term, although we're after much more high value jobs in the future.  

“Clearly high speed rail will enable them to provide the workforce that will then bring other people and companies, especially from overseas, which is what we're trying to attract into the region.  

“Allowing more collaboration between centres of excellence, whether they be in Birmingham or Bristol or Glasgow or Sheffield, in manufacturing for instance, and therefore clearly being able to, for people to be able to travel and sit across the table from other people and work collaboratively between our great cities is highly important.”

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