Drivers have no local knowledge

I HAVE written before about the poor standard of some Rotherham taxis. I would love to know what the authorities ask for from a potential driver before the given them a taxi licence?

Do you just have to turn up, prove you can drive and that’s it? Surely they should ensure the driver have at least some local knowledge. Is it unreasonable to expect a driver picking up in Brinsworth, to know where one of the largest local hotels is.

The Aston Hotel is visible from The Parkway and to have to give the taxi driver directions to this hotel from Brinsworth is ludicrous. So when I put an international visitor in the taxi back to the hotel, I couldn’t really be sure if he would get there. What impression does this give visitors to Rotherham?

One final point is that it should also be mandatory that using deodorant become a key factor before receiving a licence!

Richard Bloor, Treeton