Don’t buy e-scooters, police commissioner urges parents

POLICE commissioner Alan Billings advised parents and grandparents to resist requests from children for e-scooters - to avoid them falling foul of the law.

The vehicles are illegal to ride in public places in South Yorkshire, although trials are taking place for lawful use in places like York, Nottingham and Derby.

Dr Billings said: “People can be confused – for two reasons. First, it may be illegal to ride an e-scooter but it is not illegal to sell or buy one.

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“Then second, there are parts of the country where e-scooters are being trialled and so it is lawful to ride them there.

“Taken together – the fact that it is not illegal to sell scooters in South Yorkshire and the legal riding of scooters in some nearby cities – it is not surprising that so many seem uncertain about the position here.”

E-scooters are classed as “powered transporters” and fall within the definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1998.

Dr Billings said: “Those who ride them – generally young people – run the risk of being stopped by the police.

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“Officers will speak to them about the legal position and in certain circumstances, the scooter may be seized and destroyed. Fines can be imposed, including fines on the parents of those under 16.

“The message to parents and grandparents who may be asked by their teenage children for a scooter is, resist the requests.

“Wait for the trials to complete and take it from there otherwise you may be unwittingly getting your young people into trouble and throwing your money away.”