Cycle lane route is preferred – council

PUBLIC opinion is in favour of the planned Broom Road cycle lane, Rotherham Council said in response to a suggestion the route should have been over Herringthorpe Playing Fields.

The aim of the project is to provide a bike link between Broom and the town centre, via Wellgate.

But there are concerns about adding cycle lanes to Broom Road, which already has a bus lane going west to Clifton roundabout.

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One resident raised the matter at a full council meeting, suggesting that a route across the playing fields would be more suitable.

“I understand about needing to provide safe spaces for cyclists,” she added. “But I disagree that the route proposed is actually the safest way to get people down Broom Road and into town.

“I would be interest to know how many and who you are hoping to benefit from the proposed route, because I’m fairly certain that it’s not going to be the people who live within that area.”

Cllr Dominic Beck, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “We are a council that has, over the past few years when government funding has come along, been keen to create safer spaces for cyclists, particularly in and around the town centre.

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“Cyclists have a right to safety and enjoyment of our highways just as much as motorists and pedestrians. That was the centrepiece of our public consultation that we delivered towards the end of last year, where we engaged with residents in that area.

“There were just over 100 responses to that. The predominant view was in favour of the scheme.”

Cllr Beck said he understood the point about using Herringthorpe Playing Fields, but added: “I suppose the main problem with that in this case is that the whole driver for the scheme was connectivity with the town centre, along Wellgate.”

Connecting the route from Clifton roundabout to the fields was felt to be a problem, he said.

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