Buses spread Muslim message of peace

ROTHERHAM'S buses are being used to help spread a national message of peace.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launched the campaign, which features the slogan “love for all, hatred for none” printed across various buses around Rotherham, earlier this year.

The campaign is also being supported by leafleting around South Yorkshire and a new website.

The idea of the initiative is to emphasise ideals that relate to the Islamic faith, but do not always attract media attention.

The slogans on the buses are the key themes of peace, respect, equality, freedom, and loyalty.

The community’s regional president for the north east of England, Mr Bilal Atkinson, said: "The aim of the publicity campaign is to reassert true Islamic principles of peace and to counter the extremists who hijack the faith for political ends.

"By emphasising the values highlighted in this campaign we hope to facilitate a better understanding of Islam so that people are able judge for themselves the actions of those who claim to speak and act in its good name.

“Islam stresses the promotion of peace in words and deeds."

With the joint effort of the website www.loveforallhatredfornone.org, the leaflet and banner campaign, the aim is that by the end of the year over 100,000 homes in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster will have received a message of peace.