Top Gear team rolls into Rotherham

Stunned Braithwell residents were stunned today when they awoke to find the team of BBC'S Top Gear show filming stunts in their village.

THE TOP Gear circus rolled into town today as former Advertiser man Jeremy Clarkson returned to the borough to perform one of the show’s famous stunts—in a Robin Reliant.

The BBC motor-mouth and his television crew closed off a section of Doncaster Road, Braithwell, for more than an hour as they overturned the three-wheeled car in front of mesmerised locals this morning.

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James Addenbrooke, who send in a photo of himself with Jeremy, was stunned when he woke up on his 33rd birthday to see his favourite TV show being filmed right outside his front door.

He said: “They had closed off the village street and Clarkson was deliberately overturning this Robin Reliant for the cameras.

“It looked like something from The Last of the Summer Wine, not Top Gear.”