The wisdom of Solomon - Stacey Solomon

STACEY Solomon is best known for becoming a 2009 X Factor finalist and for being crowned queen of the jungle on the 2010 I’m a celebrity get me out of here ITV show, but that was just the start for the nation’s sweetheart...

JESSICA FOGARTY speaks to the Dagenham diva at the book signing of her autobiography to find out what life’s like for the 21 year old living the dream...

Q Where did the inspiration come from for your autobiography?

A I’ve packed so much into the last three years and I don’t want to forget none of it.

You talk about things at the time but you brass over them and don’t really go into detail.

I wanted to write every little detail down to remember where I come from, everything that’s happened in my life before, and everything I'm going through now and how I feel—then in years to come I can look back on my life. I thought it was a lovely idea.

Q How would you sum-up your experience on the X Factor?

A Amazing—I loved it so much, it was the time of my life on that show. I made some really good friends, met some amazing people, it was just brilliant. Don’t get me wrong it was really intense, lots of hard work but I loved it all the same.

Q Who do you keep in touch with from the show?

A I still speak to Olly, Jedward, Lucy, everyone really.

Q How did I'm a celebrity compare to the X Factor?

A They were both so different—the feelings you go through are completely the opposite. On X Factor I was nervous about singing, it was the first time I'd ever done anything like that, and on I'm a celebrity... I was nervous about the bush-tucker-trials.

They were both just as scary as each other but both just as amazing—I couldn't say I enjoyed one more than the other.

Q Would you ever go back to the jungle, say if they were to host a best of the kings and queens?

A I dunno’—I don't know what you'd have to do to get me back in that jungle, it would have to be quite a lot.

Q You're fronting comedy show 'Sing If You Can' alongside Keith Lemon on ITV1 on Saturday nights. What's the best and worst thing about working with Keith?

A The best thing about working with Keith is that he is the funniest man alive, there's never a dull moment when you're with him. The worst thing is that he is a complete perv—so watch out!

Q How does winning 'Mum of the year award 2011' compare to your other successes?

A Aww that was the best award ever. I loved winning it, and I couldn't believe I won it, I don't think ill ever win anything as heart warming as that.

Q You’ve had a hectic schedule over the last three years — where do you see your career heading next?

A I’ll be in the studio recording music as soon as I've finished my book signings, we’re currently putting the dates in the diary.

Q You teamed up with I'm a celebrity buddy Shaun Ryder when you performed at the National TV Awards — Is there anyone else you would like to duet with?

A I’d love to duet with Oasis, Oh my god I would love that, also Coldplay and Plan B, they’re amazing, there's loads  of people.

Q What are your thoughts on the only way is Essex TV show? And Made in Dagenham?

A The only way is Essex is brilliant — it’s definitely not an accurate portrayal of Essex but I do love it, it’s hilarious. Made in Dagenham is an amazing film, I went to see a screening in the cinema before the premiere, it was phenomenal, it’s such an accurate and heartfelt film.


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