The only way is up - Sam Faiers

AT just 21 years old, the Essex starlet has shot to stardom, famed for her relationship with The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) co-star ‘Joey Essex’ and her outrageous outfits.

JESSICA FOGARTY meets TOWIE diva Sam Faiers

Sam’s starring role in TOWIE has also lead to the successful launch of her Essex boutique ‘Minnies’, which she co-owns with sister Billie Faiers

Sam talks fashion, celebrity make-overs and life as a TOWIE star...

Jessica: How has your life changed since joining The Only Way Is Essex?

Sam: Everywhere I go I get recognised, which takes some getting used to. I can’t even go on a night out without getting papped—they’re everywhere.

Jessica: How do you keep grounded?

Sam: I still live with my family at home so I do maintain a normal life. I have dinner around the table every night with my mum, dad and sister and I still have the same friends I had at school—my life's only changed for the good.

Jessica: Does your TOWIE character reflect the real you?

Sam: She’s an exaggerated version of me. The show is cut and edited so obviously there's a lot of the real me that you don't get to see, so my real personality doesn’t always come across to the viewers.

Jessica: The only way is Essex is an influential show, do you see yourself as a role model?

Sam: I’d like to think so, especially because I'm so young, I own my own business and I have strong morals and that's what I want to be known for.

Jessica: What made you decide to open your own boutique?

Sam: Originally I wanted to open my own coffee shop, but fashion became such a big part of my life when I joined the show, so I decided launching my own clothing label. I run the shop with my sister and my aunt. Everyone associates me with the Only Way is Essex now and it’s really benefited my label because people want to dress Essex like me.

Jessica: Where did the name ‘Minnies Boutique’ come from?

Sam: My nickname is ‘Minnie’, when I was younger people used to call me Minnie Mouse—the name has just stuck with me.

Jessica: Have you always had a passion for fashion, and who are your style icons?

Sam: Yes always, I love Blake Lively, JLO and Beyonce—they're all about the sparkle and glamour, just like me. If I could afford to cover my wardrobe in Gucci then I would, but I wear a lot of High Street too. Fur and Leopard print are my favourite things to wear.

I also buy a lot of dresses from, for red carpet events. Basically, rich women buy dresses and only wear them once, so they sell them or rent them to the public for a discounted price using the website. It saves you so much money, especially when you have loads of events to attend and don’t want to spend a fortune when you’ll only wear the dress once.


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