Teenager thanks Bluebell Wood and urges people to back the children’s hospice

A POORLY teenager has thanked staff and volunteers at Bluebell Wood and highlighted the importance of people backing the centre for Local Charities Day on Friday.

Kaden Bramley (14) has spinal muscular atrophy type 2 (SMA Type 2), which means his muscles are weakened — affecting his mobility.

He sang the praises of Bluebell Wood, which he visits regularly, in the hope people will back the charity on Friday.

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Kaden said: “I love going to Bluebell Wood and sometimes I don’t want to come home when I’m there.

The best things are the jacuzzi, the cinema room and painting. There’s always loads to do and the food is delicious too.”

Kaden’s mum Mel said her world “collapsed” when he was diagnosed with the condition when he was just three.

She added: “When Kaden was born, I noticed he wasn’t getting to any of the milestones that other babies were; at 16 months, he couldn’t stand up or walk.

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“When we first visited Bluebell Wood I didn’t know what to think but as soon as we walked through the door I saw how nice it was.

“There’s no place like it. It’s so welcoming and means so much to Kaden. It’s improved his confidence and he just loves spending time there. Thank you so much to everyone who donates; your money really does make such a difference.”

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