Swimming pool plan appeal

A MOVE to allow a private swimming pool to be hired out for lessons has gone to appeal.

Michael Kemp submitted a retrospective application for the change of use in March.

He said the proposed alteration was to allow for lessons and private hire to small user groups at Moor Lane South, Ravenfield.

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But there were 14 objectors, who said the increase in cars was having a detrimental impact on highway safety.

Rotherham Council agreed and rejected the application in June, saying the lack of appropriate parking was leading “unacceptable” overspill parking in the area. It also said the general increase in noise and disturbance was “an unacceptable nuisance”.

Mr Kemp has appealed this decision.

A submission to the Planning Inspectorate says six parking spots have now been secured at Thornton and Wood Ltd, Lidget Lane, in addition to the six at the site itself.