Stop parking dangerously outside our school — children’s colourful message to parents

CHILDREN designed colourful posters to deter parents from parking dangerously outside their schools.

PCSOs Natalie White and Amy Whaley came up with the contest for pupils from primaries at Anston Park and Laughton.

The winners of the competition now have their artwork displayed outside their schools — alongside some advice from South Yorkshire Police.

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PCSO White said: “Safe and considerate parking can be the difference between a child getting hit by a car and not.

“Restrictions outside schools are there for a reason, and if you are a parent dropping off your child and picking them up, I urge you to think about the positioning of your car and how it affects children crossing the road.

“A huge thank you to all the children who participated in the competition.”

SYP’s tips for parking outside schools include remembering never to:

- wait, park, or stop on school entrance markings

- stop or park on double yellow lines

- stop on yellow zig-zag lines outside of schools

- stop or park on white H bar markings.