South Yorkshire suicides increase

SUICIDE incidents in South Yorkshire increased by more than five per cent in 2020, police figures showed.

Chief Supt Dan Thorpe presented a report on protecting vulnerable people to commissioner Dr Alan Billings’ public accountability board meeting.

There had been 174 suspected suicides last year, Chief Supt Thorpe said, which was an increase of between five and six per cent on the previous 12 months.

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He added: “Unfortunately, it’s a fairly bleak figure that we experience an average of 14 suicides a month.

“It evidences the need for us to be well linked up with our partners in the integrated care system framework, health and social care and often third party organisations, to support families.”

The force has a suicide prevention officer who contacts bereaved relatives and others affected by the deaths to arrange support, and ensures police colleagues are familiar with the referral process.