South Yorkshire secures funding to combat domestic abuse

SOUTH Yorkshire has been awarded Home Office funding of £656,000 as part of the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Intervention Fund.

The cash enables police commissioners to continue existing schemes and start new ones in relation to improving improve victim safety and reducing the risk posed by perpetrators.

South Yorkshire’s commissioner Dr Alan Billings said: “Working with perpetrators to challenge and change their behaviour and reduce the risk they pose is vital in protecting victims of domestic abuse.

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“We saw incidents of domestic abuse and sexual violence rise during the pandemic, which required a shift in how we respond.

“This new funding will allow my office to continue to deliver support and collaboration with police and partner agencies in working towards a reduction in the risk posed by perpetrators and improved safety, and feelings of safety, for any associated victims and their children.”

South Yorkshire has been awarded £313,648 for this year and £342,421 for 2024/25.