South Yorkshire animal cruelty cases up

SEVENTY-eight cruel pet owners were reported to the RSPCA in South Yorkshire last year, according to a new report.

Inspectors took dozens to court and secured convictions against 41 people, the animal charity said.

The figures are part of what the RSPCA, which is launching a new drive for donations, called a “rising tide” of cruelty.

Across England and Wales, the RSPCA's latest figures reveal

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A 23.5 per cent rise to 1,341 in the number of people convicted for cruelty and neglect.

A 22 per cent in convictions relating to cruelty to dogs to 2,105.

A 21 per cent increase in disqualifications on keeping animals imposed by courts to 1,100.

A 9.3 per cent increase to 3,036 in the number of people reported to the RSPCA prosecutions department.