Soup kitchens help Rotherham’s disadvantaged

DISADVANTAGED families are getting help from a soup kitchen set up in Rotherham town centre by the Asian community during the holy month of Ramadhan.

The kitchen, based at the Shiloh Church, Westgate will serve a special meal every Wednesday.

It is a volunteer run project and focussed on giving back to the local community during the month in Ramadhan.

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The aim is to support the most disadvantaged in the community and increase people’s understanding of the positive and community aspects of Islam.

The volunteers include women from different walks of life such as students, teachers and nurses who are all committed to our local community.  

They recognise that during the current economic downturn, poverty is increasing and a growing number of food banks and other activities are being delivered by local organisations in response.  

Ramadhan is a month of fasting for Muslims and allows a greater appreciation, understanding and reflection upon our blessings.

Join the  facebook page get in touch with rotherhamramadhansoupkitchen or email [email protected]


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