Skegness squeeze leaves family with a big problem

IT’S a tall story, but a 90-mile taxi trip to sunny Skeggy left a Rotherham family cramped and angry.

Sheena Ducker (40), of Leybourne Road, Kimberworth Park, thought she’d ordered a minibus to take herself, husband Barry and sons Daniel and Nicholas on holiday.

But when an ordinary car turned up, the lads, all of whom are well over six feet tall and suffer back trouble, faced an uncomfortable journey to the coast.

Barry (49) and Daniel (19) both measure a lofty 6 ft 4ins, but Nicholas (21) towers above them at 6 ft 9ins.

They all managed to squeeze into the cab, but needed regular stops to stretch their limbs and Nicholas had to have alternative transport home after refusing to travel back in the same vehicle.

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The whole episode cost £140 and left Sheena hopping mad with hire company Crystal Private Hire.

“They kept telling me that I had booked a car and not a minibus, and weren’t listening to me," she said.

“Why would I book a car when I’ve got three men over 6ft tall to get in?

“I don’t think I will ever be using this firm ever again.”

A spokesman for the firm said it had no record of a booking for a mini-bus and added:

“If there has been a mistake then it was a genuine one and nobody has done anything underhand.”