Simplex to star in Wentworth Woodhouse vintage car show

THE owners of Wentworth Woodhouse are planning to hold a car show at the house in the first public event to be held there for decades.

Clifford Newbold and his son Giles say the vintage car show will be the first step in “returning the beating heart” to the house, although they say they are unable to open the doors to the house itself yet for health and safety reasons.

The centrepiece of next year’s show will be two of the last remaining Simplex cars in the country.

Simplex cars were the brainchild of Earl Fitzwilliam and were built in the stables at Wentworth Woodhouse in 1908 before production moved to a factory at Tinsley.

One is housed at Sheffield’s Kelham Island Museum and the other is owned by an enthusiast in Pontefract.

Next year’s show will be on September 2.

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