Share a laugh with Geoffrey's Thrybergh memories

FORMER miner Geoffrey Walker is hoping people who grew up in Thrybergh over the past 70 years can share a laugh by reading his memories.

Mr Walker, who lived in the village for almost 30 years, started writing about his childhood to show his grandchildren how times have changed.

But after writing more than 7,000 words, the former Silverwood Colliery miner said he now hoped to be able to share his tales from life in the area in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

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Mr Walker (80), who now lives in Scarborough with wife Jean, said: “I was teaching my youngest grandchildren about how to use the computer and it suddenly struck me how different it was for me and my wife when we were children compared to them.

.2“My granddaughter and grandson wouldn’t have a clue what it was like for us growing up so I wanted to share it with them.

“I started off expecting it to be around two pages and it turned out to be around 7,000 words, and I think some of the people who grew up around the same time as me would be interested.”

Mr Walker grew up in Cross Street, Thrybergh, before going on to work at Silverwood for ten years.

He and his wife moved to Scarborough in 1962.

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Mr Walker added: “I have written a lot of it as someone from the area would say the words, with the local accent.

“For example, there’s a quote from my mum, who when I told her I wanted to work down the pit, said ‘Tha’s not going down there.’

“I let my wife read it all once I’d finished and she said that I should let people who grew up at the same time know about it.

“I just think it might make a few people laugh and enjoy reminiscing about what it used to be like.”

Mr Walker has not had his memories published but said anyone wanting to request a copy can contact him directly on 01723 373998 or email [email protected]

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