Schools join battle on climate change

SCHOOLS in Rotherham are being asked to join the fight against climate change and save money at the same time.

John Healey MP is urging schools in his Wentworth constituency to apply for a free digital energy display meter to reduce their carbon footprint and cut bills by up to £3,000 a year.

The initiative is part of a £12 million scheme launched by the Government’s Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

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Mr Healey said: “These free energy display meters are a great idea. They monitor energy use and display real-time information on a computer screen.

“This will allow teachers and pupils to see how much energy is being consumed in their school and the difference they can make by changing their behaviour.

“I hope all schools in Rotherham will apply to get a free meter. As well as helping children learn about climate change as part of their lessons, they will help schools cut their carbon emissions and save money too.”

Research by the Carbon Trust shows that smart meters and wider behavioural changes in using energy could see 10 to 15 per cent cuts in fuel bills.

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The average primary school could save up to £700 a year and the average 900-pupil secondary school more than £3,000 a year on fuel bills alone.

Schools can get a free meter by registering at