Rotherham votes strongly to leave EU

ROTHERHAM voted more than two to one to leave the European Union, reflecting the vote across the country.

68 per cent voted leave and 32 per cent voted to remain in the EU – the overall voter turn-out was 69.56 per cent.

Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned this morning and is expected to step down by October, when the Conservatives will have to elect a new leader.

There is already speculation a general election could be held later in the year. 

The leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Cllr Chris Read, tweeted: “Sterling dropping like a stone, FTSE expected to fall, country divided, years of negotiation ahead. Nothing to do but hope.

“Cameron accidentally nearly breaks the Union, accidentally leads us out of EU – most calamitous PM for a century?”

In Rotherham, 197,616 people were registered to vote in the EU referendum.