Rotherham social workers defended over UKIP fostering decision

ROTHERHAM Council has won the backing of a Liberal Democrat Euro-MP over its handling of the UKIP fostering row.

North west England MEP Chris Davies said on Twitter this week that he had defended the council’s social workers who ‘had believed UKIP was racist and took away foster children’ to colleagues at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

 “I told MEPs that the Yorkshire UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom was a former president of the alliance of Europe’s most racist parties.

“The character of political parties, like people, is shaped by those with whom they associate. Too many UKIP MEPs associate with racists.”

In reply, IKIP general secretary Jonathan Arnott posted: “Chris Davies MEP has defended Rotherham Council over UKIP fostering scandal. In a democracy even extremist views such as his must be heard.”

The row blew up after it was revealed that three children were taken away from foster parents who were members of UKIP. An investigation is under way.

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