Rotherham customers struggling to identify bogus Yorkshire Water callers

ONE in four Yorkshire Water customers is unable to tell a bogus caller from genuine staff, a survey for the utility firm found.

Some 2,000 people were shown footage of both and asked to identify them.

Of the respondents, 90 per cent those aged 55 to 64 were correct, along with 78 per cent of over-65s. But less than half of those aged 18 to 24 got the right answer.

Yorkshire Water used the results to push its free pasword scheme.

Angie Markham-Nock, customer support manager, said: “Yorkshire Water employees will always carry ID with them. They’ll usually turn up in a branded van or car, and be wearing uniform too.

“If you’re worried about bogus callers and would like some additional peace of mind, you can set up a unique password with us.

“That means that whenever someone from Yorkshire Water comes to your door, you’ll be able to easily verify that they’re genuine, by asking for your password.”

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