Rotherham-bound would-be illegal immigrants snared

FOUR Rotherham-bound stowaways were snared when a sniffer dog found them in a lorry carrying shampoo.

The would-be illegal immigrants were discovered UK Border Agency officers, who work with body detection dogs like Buster, at Calais.

The 22-month-old border collie found the men—from Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan—hiding among boxes in the vehicle destined for Hellaby.

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The stowaways were taken off the vehicle, fingerprinted, photographed, refused entry to the UK and handed over to the French authorities, Police Aux Frontières.

UKBA regional director Carole Upshall said: “This incident shows why we base dogs and staff in France—to stop illegal immigrants before they can reach the UK.

“As well as using sniffer dogs like Buster, we use heartbeat detectors and carbon dioxide probes to find people hiding in vehicles.”

The lorry owner and Hungarian driver now each face a potential fine if they are found not to have taken adequate steps to secure the load.