Ron Hull turns to solar power

A SOLAR generator which could power an average home for more than ten years is to go live in the next few weeks.

Rotherham’s largest solar generation system has been installed at the Mangham Road works of recycling and waste management specialists the Ron Hull Group costing £250,000.

It will generate 50,000 kWh (kilo-watt hours) of electricity each year and will also result in CO2 savings of 42 tonnes a year.

Ron Hull Group director Nigel Hull said: “We have been looking at solar electricity generation for some time and we decided to take the plunge three months ago.

“As one of the region’s major recycling operations our green credentials are particularly important of course and we had a decent amount of south-facing roof area on works buildings that was doing nothing. It was a bit of no-brainer.

“The system has been designed for us by Durham-based Cleaner Air Solutions, one of the leading specialist companies in the field, and has involved mounting panels on the roofs of the three largest buildings on the site.

“The project is one of the first in the country to use an innovative new mounting system that has been designed specifically for use with modern roofing materials.

“Essentially there is no requirement to put any ballast up there, nor does anything have to go through the roof to hold the panel mounts in place.”

Nigel also had great optimism for the long term of the project which will lower electricity bills and reduce the carbon foot print by more than 40 tonnes a year.

He added: “Visually it will have no effect on the buildings whatsoever. The roofs and the panels cannot be seen from ground level.

“The experts tell us that, so far, relatively few industrial or commercial operations in the area have had solar power schemes installed and we would be delighted if our project prompts people in the area to have a look at this.

“Obviously we will be happy to share our results and experience with colleagues in other local companies once the scheme is up and running.

“The big switch-on is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

“Obviously at this time of year the amount of electricity that will be generated will be quite modest. That said, even in these conditions we will apparently get some.”

For further information contact Nigel Hull at Ron Hull Demolition on 01709 524115 or 07595 781777


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