READER PICTURES: Nursery kids enjoy the snow

CHILDREN and staff at the Busy Bees Nursery in Rotherham wrapped up warm for fun in the snow as their garden was transformed into a winter wonderland.

The nursery pulled out all the stops to keep the nursery open yesterday and a spokeswoman said: “Children were delighted as they made snowmen, snow angels and footprints and the children loved throwing snowballs, while at the same time, staff explained that the freezing temperatures turned the rain into pretty snowflakes.

“The snow is a fantastic opportunity for the children to have fun outdoors.

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Whatever the weather our children at Busy Bees get plenty of fresh air every day as we believe they really need to spend quality time outside, and we make sure they’re all kept warm in their coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and wellies!

“For many of the children, it’s the first time they have seen the snow so we wanted to make the most of the winter scene outside, and it was great to hear the children laughing and having fun with their friends.”

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