Rare swan lands at Manvers Lake

A RARE bird native to Australia and New Zealand has surprisingly made a home in the Dearne Valley.

Manvers Lake and Dearne Valley Trust said a black swan had touched down at Manvers Lake around a week ago and begun to attract a great deal of attention from visitors.

The species is unique for having black feathers, a red bill and white wing feathers along with a large neck and body.

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In 2012, a study of bird populations in the British Isles found there were just 37 confirmed nesting pairs of black swans in the country.

A black swan became a celebrated attraction among visitors last year when a sole bird was sighted at Cleethorpes Country Park.  

Carol Brooks Mighali said on social media: “Oh wow it’s not followed anyone from Cleethorpes has it?”

Lynne Kirk added: “He’s a beauty. I saw him today on the lake.”

Jenny Odell said: “Saw him (her?) yesterday. Absolutely lovely.”

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