Railway startions to have defibillators installed

HEART-starting defibrillators are set to be provided at Mexborough and Conisbrough railway stations.

Northern will install the new lifesaving equipment by the end of September, meaning every station run by the train operator in South Yorkshire will have a defibrillator available for public use.  

Funded by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA), the defibrillators have step-by-step spoken instructions built-in which explain how to use it on someone in an emergency.

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Computers inside the defibrillators work to analyse a person’s heart rhythms to find out if an electric shock is needed.

Electrodes then automatically deliver the shock if required.   

Once installed, all these life-saving units will be added to a national register and training will be offered by North West Ambulance Service to station staff along with local communities.  

Tony Baxter, regional director at Northern said: “All our defibrillators are in public places, and they are of huge benefit, not only to those travelling with us, but also the communities we serve.

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“Our aim is to make a positive impact for the north, and we will continue to work hard to introduce life-saving defibrillators at even more of our stations.

“I would like to thank SYMCA for their help in making this happen.”