£120k revamp makes for ‘all-inclusive’ play for those with disabilities

A £120,000 revamp of three play areas in Anston has seen equipment added to be welcoming for visitors with disabilities.

There are also pieces of kit for adults to try as well as children at the refreshed recreation ground, off Ryton Road.

Anston Parish Council funded the new addition from precept money after Covid interrupted the process of applying for grants.

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“We’ve been all-inclusive,” said Cllr Diane Graham, chair of the parish council.

“We have play equipment for children but also a couple of things which are for people with disabilities, for example a roundabout which a wheelchair or a buggy can go on.

“At the same time, we’ve also added gym equipment for adults, one of which is usable for someone in a wheelchair.”

In addition to the central play area by the parish hall, the ones at Kendal Avenue in North Anston and Lockwood Avenue in South Anston have also been refreshed.

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“These have been brought up to RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) regulations,” said Cllr Graham.

“The play areas were there from when the estates were established, and now we’re generations later so they needed a revamp.”

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