Protest against new US president Donald Trump

PEOPLE in Rotherham are set to protest against new US president Donald Trump who is taking power today (Jan 20).

A banner is to be hung over the Chantry Bridge on Bridge Street bearing the message “Hope Trumps Hate, build Bridges not Walls”.

The banner’s message stands against Mr Trump’s supposed policy of building a wall to keep out Mexicans as well as other controversial outbursts he has made in his election campaign which have been perceived as racist.

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The event in Rotherham is being organised by Rotherham Interfaith Group with Hope not Hate, and supported by Rotherham Ethnic Minorities Alliance, Rotherham Amnesty Group, Rotherham for Global Justice, Rotherham Friends of Palestine, and the Rotherham Red Choir,.

It is part of a national event organised by

The event takes place from 10.50am to 11.30am and the banner will be raised at 11am.

Participants will meet outside the Chapel on the Bridge and other organisations supporting the event are invited to bring their own banners.

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Gill Haggie, secretary of Rotherham for Global Justice and a member of the Rotherham Interfaith Group, said: “It’s about wanting to say Rotherham wants to build bridges across the community.

“If you live Rotherham we share the locality and our neighbours and think of our neighbours and be supportive.

Donald Trump has said some pretty horrible things.”