POLL: Were teachers at Listerdale School right to go on strike in support of their suspended head teacher?

Primary school teachers walked out this week in protest at the suspension of their head teacher.

NUT members at Listerdale Primary School in Brecks said the walkout was being held over the unreasonable treatment and unjustified suspension of Craig Roberts, who is an NUT member.

The union, which has eight members at the school, said the action would involve most teachers and the school could face further strikes in the coming weeks.

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The trust said Mr Roberts’ suspension in September was necessary in order for an independent formal investigation to take place into serious concerns of a non-safeguarding nature, adding that it would remain in force until this was completed.

Mr Roberts had been suspended without warning and it was still unclear what the reason behind it was, the NUT said.

Parents have asked why they were only told about the strike two days before it happened and say their children’s education is being jeopardised.


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