We need more women in politics, says Tory Michelle Donelan

CONSERVATIVE Michelle Donelan says more women need to be encouraged into politics, but there should be “quality not quotas.”

The general election candidate, who lost out to Labour’s John Healey in Wentworth and Dearne earlier this month, was reacting to national headlines about the balance of the coalition Cabinet.

Just four women were appointed to the Tory-Lib Dem joint venture, which followed the poll on May 6 when no one party had an overall majority.

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Ms Donelan said: “Tackling gender inequalities in parliament is important, but we must not let it consume us.

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“Where would it stop? For ethnic minorities, for religious representation, for set minimums for homosexuals in Parliament? It would turn into government by percentages.”

She added: “I’d much rather see quality than quantity, a mantra I feel Gordon Brown failed to acknowledge as he “window dressed” his Cabinet in a desperate attempt to hold the progressive ground.

“We have four very strong inspiring women including Theresa May as Home Secretary and Britain’s first Muslim Cabinet member Sayeeda Warsi as Party Chairman.”