UKIP MEP to find out costs for libelling Rotherham's MPs

Jane CollinsJane Collins
Jane Collins
ANTI-EUROPE MEP Jane Collins is due to find out how much she must pay in damages after libelling Rotherham’s three MPs.

Ms Collins claimed that John Healey, Kevin Barron and Sarah Champion knew about child grooming gangs but deliberately ignored them out of political correctness.

She asked the European Parliament for immunity when the MPs launched High Court legal action against her.

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But Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs approved a report which found no ground for defending Ms Collins immunity.

Ms Collins claimed a right to protection as attending court in Britain was restricting her freedom to work in Europe.

But the committee found there was an exception to MEPs’ right of freedom to travel where they faced legal action at home.

The MEP also claimed that opinions she expressed as a European politician were immune from libel lawsuits.

But the committee found that was not the case, as Ms Collins had made the comments at a UKIP party conference.