Shadow housing minister visits Rotherham

SHADOW housing minister Grant Shapps will visit the town today following a request from Conservative parliamentary candidate Michelle Donelan.

Mr Shapps will take a tour of the Wentworth and Dearne constituency, including Rother Street, Brampton Bierlow and Ravenfield to discuss the greenbelt site earmarked for new housing.

Miss Donelan said: “We need to protect our environment in Wentworth and Dearne and save our green open spaces for future generations especially as we have adequate brown field sites to use.

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“This is a key concern for many with a growing campaign to save our green belt in Rotherham.

“I am concerned that Mr Healey is failing his remit in his constituency, in fact the Department for Communities and Local Government figures show that those waiting to get on the housing ladder in Rotherham have risen from 11,700 in 1997 to 20,826 in 2008 and now sits at 14,481.

“Truly this government has abandoned their heartland supporters. It's time to take a long hard look at the past 13 years of New Labour and ask ourselves have things changed for the better? The answer is in most cases is no."

Miss Donelan asked the minister to tour the area after residents approached her with concerns about the lack of council housing in the area, plans to build on the green belt and the delivery of services.