Sarah Champion (Labour) - Jane Collins (UKIP) - Sebastian Lowe (Conservatives) - Janice Middleton (Liberal Democrats) - Pat McLaughlin (Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition) - Adam Walker (BNP) - Dean Walker (English Democrats)

Sarah Champion (Labour)

Re-electing me as your MP gets you a proven track record and a pledge to continue fighting for a better deal for Rotherham.

I fully support Labour’s plans to scrap the bedroom tax, raise the minimum wage to £8, provide 25 hours’ free childcare for working parents and guarantee a job for unemployed young people.

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A Labour government will reverse Tory privatisation of the NHS and bring in 20,000 nurses, 8,000 doctors and a guaranteed GP appointment within 48 hours.

We’ll take a tough position on immigration, appointing 1,000 border control staff to count people in and out and swiftly remove illegal immigrants.

Since you elected me in November 2012, I’ve worked my hardest to get the best for the people and businesses of Rotherham. In two years, I’ve directly helped more than 3,000 local families and individuals who’ve approached me with their problems and concerns.

In Parliament, on child abuse, I changed the law on child grooming and set up my own parliamentary inquiry into child sexual exploitation, six months before the Jay Report. I demanded the Government deliver more support for Rotherham’s abuse survivors and their families, leading to £250,000 of funding, plus I’ve received a letter from the Prime Minister confirming that my plan to tackle this horrific crime nationally is being actioned.

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I’m Labour because I want a fairer society, but I’m very clear that I'll be employed by the people of Rotherham so I will always fight for you and issues that you care about.

Jane Collins (UKIP)

I am a Yorkshire woman from a mining family and have lived in this region all my life.

Like many of you, I became fed up with the constant broken promises by the traditional parties.

As a Yorkshire woman, I am tired of the politics that cannot see beyond London and has zero interest in utilising and developing the skills of people living in the north. As a country, we cannot afford the policies that squander so much talent.

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How Rotherham’s council and politicians let down so many people, so badly was very publicly covered by Professor Jay and Louise Casey. Putting right all that has gone wrong and making Rotherham a town we can once again be proud of needs more than empty promises and platitudes.

Nationally, UKIP will invest £3 billion per year in frontline NHS services. We will build new, affordable homes on brownfield sites, end income tax on the minimum wage, and make sure our police force is properly resourced.

Locally, I am committing for more help and support to be given to CSE survivors. I will encourage Rotherham’s community to re-engage with the political processes through local referenda and surveys and push for more investment, jobs and education.

To move Rotherham forward will take strong leadership, fresh ideas and new approaches. It needs a committed constituency MP to fight Rotherham’s corner at all times. Above all it needs an MP who recognises you are their employer and listens.

UKIP can make the changes Rotherham needs.





Sebastian Lowe (Conservatives)

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I am standing to be your MP because I believe that the people of Rotherham have been badly let down by a complacent local Labour party in thrall to misplaced political correctness.

But unlike some of the protest parties who are standing, I also believe in taking positive action to move this town forward.

Having work experience ranging from major PLC to start-up, I believe I have the practical business experience to help secure more jobs and economic growth for Rotherham.

I am part-owner of a small business, and have seen first-hand the positive impact of many of the Government’s business-friendly policies.

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I am also the proud father of two boys who both go to a state school, and I care deeply about ensuring all children get the best start in life from our state education system.

If elected as your MP, one of my key priorities will be to campaign for the regeneration of Rotherham town centre, including lobbying the council to provide more free parking to encourage weekend shoppers.

I want to see the town centre back in business, and increased prosperity for the people who live here, and this can only be achieved by boosting the local economy and creating more jobs in Rotherham.

The people of Rotherham deserve an MP who will hold public bodies to account while also taking positive action to make this town a better place to live, and if elected on May 7 that is the MP I will be.

Janice Middleton (Liberal Democrats)

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I was born locally and have lived in the Rotherham area all my life.

I understand local issues like unemployment, the effect of zero hours contracts, the lack of care for the elderly, the lack of affordable housing and how the cuts and bedroom tax have affected the poorest and most vulnerable.

I’ve been in education for 30 years. I have extensive knowledge of safeguarding and I am used to managing a £1 million budget.

I gained experience of getting Government funding while on the board of a national charity called the Film Club for six years. I am secretary of the Rotherham and Barnsley Liberal Democrats and this is the fourth year I’ve stood for the borough council in the Keppel ward.

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Much of the work that we have done in the Coalition Government has been to keep the Conservatives from lurching to the right. This has benefited lots of people and our intention is to continue focusing on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

Pat McLaughlin (Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition)

We want to deliver an anti-austerity message. Britain has the world’s sixth largest economy and there is absolutely no need for any cuts.

TUSC are fighting for the rights of the working class. We will campaign for a minimum wage of £10 an hour. We want to see council houses and affordable homes built in Rotherham and nationally to the extent that the housing crisis is solved.

TUSC would campaign for the repeal of anti-trade union laws so workers could effectively fight for their rights, wages and conditions. All privatised public services, industries and utilities should be brought back under public ownership .

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On education we would ban Ofsted, academies and free schools. All children should have access to good free education under local authority control. TUSC would abolish tuition fees and introduce grants.

We will campaign against racism and the anti-immigration agenda of the other parties. If zero hours contracts and agency work are banned, all workers will compete on an even playing field and much of the causes of racism would disappear.

The rich caused this crisis and they should pay for it. There is no austerity for the rich. The 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain have doubled their wealth during austerity.

Tax the rich corporations and individuals. End all tax avoidance schemes. If any TUSC candidate is elected they will only take the average worker’s pay. TUSC policies nationally on housing, trade union rights, workers’ wages and conditions would have a massive effect in Rotherham.

Adam Walker (BNP)

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As leader of the British National Party, I’m standing in Rotherham because it’s time to elect an MP with your interests at heart.

I’m honoured to be continuing the great work done by my good friend, the late Rotherham BNP legend Marlene Guest.

Many of you will have known Marlene. Her ten-year campaign to protect children brought about the independent inquiry which exposed the paedophile rape gangs and the Labour party’s cover-up.

The independent inquiry resulted in scores of arrests of sex offenders, the forced resignation of Labour’s police commissioner Shaun Wright, and the sacking of the entire Labour-run Rotherham Council.

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It took just one Rotherham BNP campaigner to expose the scandal. Just imagine how many victims would have been saved had we had an elected BNP member of Parliament.

After having ignored the rape of hundreds of vulnerable children in Rotherham, the Labour party is now trying to frame themselves as the protectors of children. The shame of these people knows no bounds!

As well as electing a strong member of Parliament that will ensure the horrors of the last ten years are never repeated, I will also see to it that British jobs in Rotherham go to British workers, and that our NHS is funded correctly in our town.

We need to get to work restoring the good reputation of Rotherham and putting British people first in our own country.





Dean Walker (English Democrats)

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My name is Dean Walker and I am honoured to be standing as your parliamentary candidate for Rotherham for the English Democrats.

Your views, concerns, wants and needs are very important to me. Your concerns will never be over ruled by party politics.

You, the voter, come first. Rotherham Labour thinks it is their right to run our council as they see fit, regardless of your wishes or needs.

Now is the time to send them a very clear message. We want real representation, and the ballot box is where it will happen.

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We all know Rotherham has its problems, but it is a great place to live and we can make it better. I will not shirk away from issues and will address them with no fear of political correctness stopping me.

I will campaign to increase democracy with an elected mayor and hold regular local forum meetings.

I will encourage the celebration of our English heritage and culture. St George’s Day should be a public holiday, I will campaign for this.

The Scots, Welsh and Irish all have parties representing them in Westminster. It’s time the people of England got heard and were given a voice. If elected I will give you that voice. Vote English, vote English Democrats.