Respect's Yvonne Ridley in running for Rotherham by-election

JOURNALIST and activist Yvonne Ridley has been named as the Respect Party candidate forpr the Rotherham by-election.

Ms Ridley has joined the race to suceed disgraced former MP Denis MacShane, who resigned last week after Parliamentary investigation revealed he had wrongfully claimed almost £13,000 in expenses.

The by-election will be held on November 29.

The Respect party’s leader, George Galloway, became the MP for Bradford West earlier this year when he won a by-election for the seat.

Ms Ridley, is a former journalist who was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan while working for the Sunday Express. She converted to Islam after her release.

Writing on Twitter, Ms Ridley said: "Time to give people of Rotherham some Respect - that's what they deserve after years of being cheated by Labour. Please vote for me and I will work honestly 4 you."

Other candidates who have declared their intention to stand is Ralph Dyson, who is standing for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition. Marlene Guest is expected to be the BNP candidate, according to a Tweet by party leader Nick Griffin.

  • Mr MacShane has altered his Twitter profile (@denismacshane) in the wake of his resignation. It now reads "The original twit. Adieu a la politique."
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