Politicians want Euro super state

HOW nice to read a well-balanced, intelligent and true account of the Europe debate at last, instead of this left wing dogmatic rubbish. The only thing you got wrong Mr Sanderson, was in stating that we Eurosceptics long for the past, that is the prerogati

Even the economic policies of the Eurozone are flawed as has been proven with the single currency. The countries of Europe will still buy our goods if we leave, but we would be much better linking our economy to the faster growing economies in the Far East, China and the American', than to a stagnant Europe.

The Scandinavian countries have all done quite well without being part of Europe, so why wouldn’t we?

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Anyway being part of Europe is no guarantee of doing well, look at what the incompetent Marxist government in France has done to their country. The politicians in Europe have their own agenda along with some politicians in Britain and that agenda includes a European super state, with Britain under its control.

David Croft, Sunnybank Crescent, Brinsworth