Mexborough First councillor quits party after fallout

Cllr Bev ChapmanCllr Bev Chapman
Cllr Bev Chapman
A MEXBOROUGH First member has quit the party – citing a fallout with one of her ward colleagues.

Cllr Bev Chapman will see out the rest of her term on Doncaster Council sitting as an independent.

She quit on November 9, saying: “As of today, I have stepped aside from the Mexborough First political party.

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“After eight-and-a-half years I can no longer work alongside one of the party members.

“I will be carrying out the remainder of my term as an independent councillor.

“This does not change anything, I am still passionate about what I do and will help anyone who contacts me for assistance.”

Although not named, Mexborough First’s deputy leader Cllr Sean Gibbons identified himself as the party member alluded to by Cllr Chapman.

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He said: “Had Cllr Chapman not resigned, the party would have removed her at a meeting last Monday, following a breakdown in communication coming from certain things where she hadn’t been working with us on the Mexborough First principles.”

The party was born out of a campaign to save the town’s High Street by opposing proposals for a supermarket more than a decade ago.

The Mexborough ward is also served by Cllr Gibbons’ party colleague Cllr Andy Pickering, who in 2014 became the first party member to gain a seat on Doncaster Council.

Cllr Gibbons said he and Cllr Pickering would still be working with Cllr Chapman on ward matters such as the anti-crime Pact meetings.

He added: “It’s disappointing top have this situation because the three of us worked well together for eight-and-a-half years. We need to move forward for the benefit of Mexborough.”