LETTER: I will work with and fight for the community

THIS election is your chance to decide your local MP. 

Since my re-election in 2015, I have led the fight in Parliament against the new HS2 route and campaigned with South Yorkshire Credit Union to stop local people being ripped off for their white goods by Brighthouse. 

It’s this work that has gained me the support of local people including Tommy Joyce. 

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If re-elected, I will carry on these fights, including that fight against the HS2 route ,and work with the community, local councillors and mayor on the urgent priorities of town centre regeneration and tackling anti-social behaviour and crime. 

Re-elect me too to fight for our pensioners. 

I’ll oppose tooth and nail Tory plans to scrap your winter fuel allowance, and Theresa May’s “dementia tax”, a cruel and unfair attack on people’s homes. 

And I’ll fight for a £10 living wage and to protect our schools from the cuts they are facing. 

I’ll respect the democratic vote to leave the EU and stand up for a Brexit that works for Mexborough. 

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And I will always fight for the Montagu Hospital, our over-worked and underpaid staff and above all, our patients. 

We can’t risk five more years of Tory cuts and privatisation of our NHS.

Whoever is the national government, I will always stand up for the everyday, working people of Mexborough — not the richest few. 

Please put a cross next to my name so I can keep fighting for you, your family and this community.

Ed Miliband, Labour candidate for Doncaster North