LETTER: A hung parliament whatever happens

Dear Mr Platts,

Where are the caring, peaceful (?),  energetic normal young men with socialist ideals? I would vote for a decent socialist.

Your lot are Unite/Unison Stormtroopers. Not caring young men. Diane Abbott wants to put 10,000 police on the streets. Good idea but with her disarming them and tying both hands behind their backs your lot would run riot. Isis must be laughing. You are left wing fascists who hate Jews and are just as racist as what you think UKIP are.

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If you are actually proud of this country why do you want terrorists on the street? With Corbyn in charge with the unholy gruesome threesome and the two Rotherham turncoats Healey and Champion

this country will be properly, as the French say, Londonistan.

It will be a hung parliament whether left Unite Labour or the Conservatives are in.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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