Fears over Wellgate shop’s bid to sell alcohol

Mardin Mini Market, WellgateMardin Mini Market, Wellgate
Mardin Mini Market, Wellgate
OBJECTORS fear a shop’s move to sell alcohol from 8am until 11pm would fuel antisocial behaviour and add to “nuisance and disorder”.

A licence application by Mardin Mini Market and Off Licence, Wellgate, is set to be decided by Rotherham Council’s licensing panel on December 18.

Operators of the shop say they will follow the Challenge 25 policy and keep a written register of sale refusals – including descriptions of people who have been unable to provide ID.

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However, residents say there are already two licensed establishments in the vicinity, and the street is plagued by public drinking, noise nuisance, vandalism, and “danger to people and property”.

One resident said: “We currently already have public nuisance and disorder on Wellgate, particularly late at night.

“I believe public nuisance and disorder will be made much worse with the additional consumption of alcohol in public, and in particular the late night availability of alcohol to be drunk off the premises.”

Another letter, submitted on behalf of 18 residents, adds: “I and other residents feel that additional late opening premises would potentially add further disturbance, noise, litter and antisocial behaviour at the foot of a residential street.

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“The town centre, including Wellgate, is currently designated as an antisocial behaviour hotspot due to ongoing problems with street drinkers, persistent begging and drug users regularly congregating, causing a number of issues.

“Additionally sheltered accommodation premises provided by a housing association on Clifton Bank had to close due to the premises attracting a number of street drinkers.”