Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher backs PM Boris Johnson ahead of confidence vote

MP NICK Fletcher has sounded his unwavering support for PM Boris Johnson ahead of a confidence vote this evening in Parliament.

The Don Valley MP said he was backing the prime minister as the “right man” to lead the nation — citing the Brexit deal, the PM’s influence in the Covid-19 vaccination programme and Ukraine as big factors for his popularity.

However, a reported 54 Conservative MPs have triggered a vote of confidence in the prime minister.

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A majority of 180 Conservative MPs will need to back the motion of confidence in Mr Johnson to force him to stand down as prime minister.

Mr Fletcher said: “I will be supporting the Prime Minister tonight. I believe this is the right thing to do.

“I am tired of this topic playing into the hands of the opposition, Remainers and the mainstream media.

“We lose our Prime Minister, we lose Brexit, our nation’s recovery and the levelling-up.

“I cannot let this happen. Doncaster has waited too long.

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“Levelling up is our time to secure our next generation’s future and I will not let this opportunity pass.

“The Prime Minister was the right man in 2019 and he’s the right man now.

“He got Brexit done.

“He got us through and out of Covid.

“He vaccinated a nation.

“He’s a hero in Ukraine.

“And he’s now helping families across the nation with their cost of living while still keeping a check on Net Zero.

“To thank the Prime Minister by putting him through this is a travesty and I will play no part.”

The vote will take place at 6pm this evening, with results expected to come in around 9pm.

Alexander Stafford, the Conservative MP for Rother Valley, has been approached for a comment.