Week of misery for Broom Lane residents

Fireworks were reportedly set off in the street during the wedding. (File picture)Fireworks were reportedly set off in the street during the wedding. (File picture)
Fireworks were reportedly set off in the street during the wedding. (File picture)
RESIDENTS of a busy residential road were “under siege” during week-long Asian wedding celebrations which reportedly involved guests setting off fireworks in the street.

A man living near the house on Broom Lane where the event was hosted told the Advertiser that cars had been parked on verges and pavements throughout.

“There were cars parked all over the place and fireworks being let off in the street,” said the man, who wanted to remain anonymous.

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“There were cars up and down the road, revving their engines, and fireworks being let off.”

It is illegal to set off fireworks in the street or a public place and those who do so can be fined up to £5,000 and imprisoned for up to six months.

The man said he was threatened when he tried to remonstrate with some guests.

“I was abused and my mum was called a racist,” he said.

The dismayed neighbour said the wedding, which reportedly ran from Sunday, July 28, until Sunday, August 4 was centered on one house but the celebrations “spilled out onto the road”.

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Loud music was played, sometimes until after midnight, he said, and the borough council had failed to respond to his noise complaints.

The council told the Advertiser that no-one had contacted them about the wedding.

The man said the police eventually turned up when he complained that he had been threatened by a guest.

He said he understood the wedding couple did not live at the house which was at the centre of the celebrations.

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“It was disrepsectful to all the residents of Broom Lane,” he said.

“We were under siege because we couldn’t get in or out of our houses properly.

“It’s been awful and it’s affected my wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people living here.

“It wasn’t like a wedding — it was like a war zone.

“Broom Lane is a quiet road and we just don’t want this kind of hassle ever again.”

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A person, who asked not to be identified, said that they had seen fireworks being set off outside other people’s houses.

“For seven nights it was going on and music was blaring out,” they said.

“They were driving at 100mph up and down Broom Lane and showing off in their big cars.

“I’m surprised no-one was killed.”

A police spokeswoman said they had received a number of calls from residents about firework noise and other alleged anti-social behaviour during the event.

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“Following a call received from a resident on the evening of July 30 regarding firework noise on Broom Lane, a local PCSO attended at the location but there was no sign of fireworks,” she addded.

“However, reassurance was given to the caller and further passing attention was provided. 

“Other callers were contacted by the police and given reassurance and advice, and passing attention was provided in the form of passing patrols from traffic officers.”

Rotherham Council’s assistant director of Community Safety and Street Scene, Tom Smith, said: "The council has not received any reports about this matter.

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"We advise members of the public to use the online form for reporting neighbour noise and fill in all the details to ensure we can take effective action."

An attempt was made to contact the occupiers of the house which hosted the event for comment but no-one had responded by the time the Advertiser went to press.

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