Vacated Tory seats on Rotherham Council won by Labour and Lib Dems

LABOUR and the Liberal Democrats took one seat each in by-elections triggered by the resignation of two Tories on Rotherham Council.
Cllrs Drew Tarmey (left) and Rob TaylorCllrs Drew Tarmey (left) and Rob Taylor
Cllrs Drew Tarmey (left) and Rob Taylor

Cllr Rob Taylor returns to the fold for the ruling party in Aughton and Swallownest, having previously been an elected member from 2015 until May this year.

Labour group leader Cllr Chris Read said he was absolutely delighted to be welcoming Cllr Taylor back to RMBC — describing Thursday’s polls as a “bad night” for the Conservatives.

Cllr Drew Tarmey took the Anston and Woodsetts seat for the Lib Dems, increasing their presence on the council to four members.

It leaves the make-up of the council as follows: 33 Labour, 18 Conservatives, four Lib Dems, three Rotherham Democratic Party and one independent.

The results in full:


Allen Cowles (Rotherham Democratic Party) 6

Charles David Dowsing Foulstone (The Green Party) 63

Jonathan Charles Ireland (independent) 118

Clive Robert Jepson (independent) 189

Adrian John Knight (The Conservative Party Candidate) 686

Drew Simon Tarmey (Liberal Democrats) 1,016 (ELECTED)

Simon Andrew Tweed (Labour Party) 533

Christopher Michael Whitwood (Yorkshire Party) 20

Turnout: 28.02 per cent


Jack Bannan (Yorkshire Party) 35

Louisa Kathryn Barker (The Green Party) 59

Mark Lambert (Liberal Democrats) 14

Paul Marshall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 32

Julia Helen Mitchell (The Conservative Party Candidate) 496

Gavin Peter Shawcroft (Rotherham Democratic Party) 15

Robert Paul Taylor (Labour Party) 645 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 19.94 per cent