Triple-whammy attempt to find answers to road safety concerns on residential street

FRUSTRATED householders on a residential street affected by a combination of speeding traffic and pavement parking have been promised a triple-whammy approach to solving their concerns.
Frustrated: Residents of Melton Green want actionFrustrated: Residents of Melton Green want action
Frustrated: Residents of Melton Green want action

Residents say little has been done in the years they have been complaining about road safety issues in Melton Green, Wath upon Dearne, despite being promised - they claim - a 20 mph speed limit and traffic calming measures in the past.

Rob Davis spoke out again after seeing a woman forced to wheel a child’s push chair into the carriageway to manoeuvre around a vehicle parked on the pavement, close to a bend where it was impossible to see approaching traffic.

He said residents on the street included some with disabilities, including blindness, and believes positive action is needed.

That had been promised by councillors, he said, but no action had materialised with residents told the issue had been passed over to council staff.

“We have been campaigning for a long time, because of speeding traffic,” he said.

“We are talking more than two years. There is no footpath on one side of the road, and traffic comes around the bend so fast.

“We have meeting after meeting about it. They said they would sort it out two years ago, maybe more, but they never have.

“The community police have been with cameras and even had residents helping out by holding the cameras.

“At the top of the road is where it is most dangerous. Further down, at least you can see what is coming. I see cars mounting the pavement at speed to get past another one,” he said.

Rotherham Council insist they are working on the issue and a spokesman said: “We’ve listened to local residents and invited their written responses around speeding in Melton Green, and the response has been encouraging.

Residents have differing opinions on this issue and agreeing the most appropriate measures to prevent speeding, that would be widely accepted by residents, is proving challenging.

“We’re working with South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and the Department for Transport to develop a comprehensive study of how traffic moves across Melton Green and the nearby residential streets.

“This additional research will help to inform which improvements will work best for the community.”