Tesco free parking reversal agreed by councillors

Tesco Extra car parkTesco Extra car park
Tesco Extra car park
COUNCILLORS have agreed Tesco’s request to cancel a rule giving all visitors two hours’ free parking at its town centre store.

The planning board voted in favour of the change on Thursday morning — despite warnings it might harm footfall.

When the Drummond Street supermarket was approved in 2012, a condition was that any motorist could use the car park free for for two hours.

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Now, visitors spending more than 30 minutes there must spend at least £5 in the store.

A Rotherham Borough Council spokesman said: “It is considered that the amended condition is not contrary to the spirit of the original condition and the revised parking controls are considered sufficient to allow linked trips with other town centre uses.”

RiDO, the council’s regeneration arm, had warned of the “high risk” of negative impact on footfall in the town centre.

Tesco said it wanted the change because of customer complaints about car park congestion.

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