Rotherham tenant blew housing benefit on luxury cars

A GREEDY benefits cheat who conned nearly £50,000 out of Rotherham Borough Council to buy prestige cars and maintain his cosy lifestyle deserved every day of his jail term, top judges have ruled.

Tair Matloob, of Grange Road, Rotherham, was caged for 16 months at Sheffield Crown Court in December after admitting nine counts of making dishonest statements to obtain housing benefit from the council.

London's Appeal Court heard that the 44-year-old dishonestly acquired £47,821 over a 12-year period, using the cash to buy an Audi and two BMWs.

Mr Justice Globe, sitting with Lord Justice Richards and Judge Stephen Kramer, said Matloob tried to “justify” his crimes by saying he used the cash to “give his family an acceptable standard of living”.

He had in fact used the cash to supplement his income and increase his standard of living, the judge added.

Matloob had made nine declarations to housing benefit officers, concealing the fact that he was related to the landlord to whom he paid rent — a clear “disqualifying feature” for claiming the benefit.

“Despite his mitigation, we are not persuaded that the judge’s approach was wrong,” said Mr Justice Globe, who concluded: “We are not persuaded that 16 months was manifestly excessive.”

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