Rotherham council's Christmas tree expenditure totaled over £8,000 last year

ROTHERHAM Council spent more than £8,000 on Christmas trees last year — including one they had to send back.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed the total cost of all festive trees in Rotherham was £8,269.81.

The figures include the cost to deliver, install, dismantle and dispose of the trees the council placed across the borough in areas like Greasbrough and Kilnhurst.

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The most expensive tree was situated in All Saints’ Square which cost a sprightly £1,690 in total.

After a mixed response to the town centre tree, which was described as “something from Poundland”, it was replaced the tree with a second one at “no extra cost”, RMBC said.

The second most expensive was in Kimberworth’s tree Richmond Park, which cost £886.77 in total, according to the FOI stats.

The cheapest was in Dinnington, which cost the sum of £451.74.

Here are the costs for each location:

Dinnington: £451.74.

Henley: £520.68.

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Greasbrough; Kilnhurst; Roughwood, Kimberworth, Oaks Lane, Kimberworth; Swinton;  Thorpe Hesley: £786.77.                                 

Richmond Park,  Kimberworth: £886.77.

Rotherham town centre: £1,690.00.