Rotherham Council joins forces to tackle alcohol abuse

Photo by thom masat on UnsplashPhoto by thom masat on Unsplash
Photo by thom masat on Unsplash
ROTHERHAM Council has partnered with health app DrinkCoach to battle alcohol abuse – with research showing that 31 per cent of Rotherham residents drink over the recommended maximum of 14 units a week.

The free online coaching sessions are confidential and convenient, with sessions running weekdays and weekends to fit around your schedule.

On the site, you can assess how risky your alcohol intake is and seek advice tailored to you your needs.

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It is also estimated that 1.75 per cent of adults in Rotherham are dependent on alcohol.

DrinkCoach is a more accessible way of getting support, available to anyone.

After answering ten simple questions, the user will receive advice and, if appropriate, information on local face-to-face support options.

Residents can take the two-minute test at or search DrinkCoach on Google.

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Rotherham Council’s cabinet member for health, Cllr David Roche, said: “Alcohol dependency can have devastating effects on people’s lives, affecting their health, their jobs, and

their financial situation.

“However, there is support available. Whatever your background or dependency level, you can get tailored and compassionate advice and support through DrinkCoach.

“Please, take the DrinkCoach online test to see how you track and change your drinking habits, and access the support that is right for you.”

While many people enjoy alcohol responsibly, it can also have a negative impact.

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The Department of Health estimates that 83 per cent of people drinking above the recommended guidelines do not know they are putting their health at risk.

DrinkCoach is delivered by Humankind Charity and offers the tools you need to track and change your drinking, including a free app available on iOS and Android.