Rotherham Council accused of being ‘anti-business’ over £80m project

AN OPPOSITION member criticised Rotherham Council after reports of it objecting to a multimillion-pound project due to “out of date information”.

Cllr Adam Carter, the leader of the Rotherham Liberal Democrats, criticised Rotherham Council for objecting to the Compass project, an extension to Factory 2050 at the Advanced Manufacturing Park.

Compass forms part of the £1.2 billion South Yorkshire Investment Zone, which was unveiled by chancellor Jeremy Hunt and South Yorkshire’s political leaders in July.

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The £80 million Compass project is reportedly backed by some of the largest companies in the UK, including Boeing.

Sheffield and Rotherham Liberal Democrats are now attacking the council for delaying the project. 

Cllr Adam Carter, Rotherham’s Lib Dem leader, said: “Objecting to this is further proof that anti-business Rotherham Labour just aren’t interested in creating new jobs in the area.

“The facts are that residents of both Sheffield and Rotherham will benefit from investment from global companies such as this, and by objecting and putting blockers in the way, Rotherham Council are saying no to jobs.

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“Labour squabbling over the City Region deal has already left us millions of pounds out of pocket, and we’ve lost out on much needed local jobs. It’s clear that no matter what Labour promise to residents, they won’t deliver.

“Whether it’s promising to make our ever-worsening bus services better, or promising to bring investment to our area, Labour politicians just keep failing us.”

However, RMBC head of planning Nigel Hancock said the applicant had “out of date information” regarding transport links – and they were requested to submit “up to date” information.

Mr Hancock added: “Sheffield City Council received a planning application to extend the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Rotherham Council have been consulted.

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“However, the application has out of date information regarding transport links to and from the facility. The planning service has therefore requested that the applicant submit up to date information so that a further review of the impact of the development on the local highway network can be reviewed.”

The government announced that Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley would all benefit from an estimated 8,000 new jobs and £1.2 billion of private funding by 2030, which the investment zone would help to deliver.