Reform UK's Richard Tice advocates for "proper" Brexit during Hoyland visit

THE LEADER of a right-wing party made a surprise visit to the Dearne Valley ahead of next month’s council elections.

Richard Tice, leader of Reform UK prior to Nigel Farage’s resignation, was in Hoyland on Tuesday to support candidates looking to win a seat in Barnsley Council on May 4.

Reform candidates Brian Gregory and Michael Davies will stand for the Rockingham ward and Hoyland Milton respectively next month.

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Mr Tice, a former chairman of the party, has called to “make Britain great again” — very similar to ex-US president Donald Trump’s pledge in his 2016 election campaign — by “doing Brexit properly”.

Notable members of the party include ex-government minister and one-time Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ann Widdecombe.

Rockingham ward councillor Cllr Dave White, who defected from the Conservatives to join Reform in December, said he was pleased to welcome Mr Tice to the town.


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“He has heard a lot about Barnsley from myself and wanted to take a look,” he said.

“I showed him the Glassworks, the new bridge construction and the industrial developments around Hoyland.

“Suffice to say, he had some very strong views, having much personal experience in these sectors.  

“Richard met our candidates Brian Gregory and Michael Davies, who discussed our shiny new market place, The Rockingham Centre and the proposed Lidl site.

“We are raising awareness at the highest level.”